Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Space Lattice - The Geodesic Dome of ASM International's World Headquarters

"The Space Lattice" of Materials Park

Set amid 44 acres of rolling lawns and pine trees along Ohio 87, in Geauga County stands the geodesic "Space Lattice" of ASM International's world headquarters. It's obscure rural location makes it hard for even locals to find, but if you catch a glipse of this iconic structure in passing from your car, don't be surprised if...brake! find yourself sreeching to a halt to stare in wonderment at this marvel of engineering.

Designed by R.Buckminster Fuller and built in 1959, this entirely aluminum dome looms above another architectural achievement in modern style - the ASM office complex ( which recently underwent a $7 million dollar resoration ) designed by Cleveland architect John Terence Kelly.

The American Society of Metals is one of the largest scientific societies of it's kind in the world, with 36,000 members. Officially, this building is not open to the public during normal working hours - when you can see some of the 80+ white-coated employees on the premises - but it's not unusual to find Sunday drivers stop by to have a picnic in it's gemstone lined garden....At least, that's where you'll find us when we head out to Geauga County.

ASM International, 9639 Kinsman Road ( Ohio 87 ) in Russell Township. Tours can be arranged by calling 440-338-5151 , ext. 5500


  1. Very cool. I dig Bucky's work. He was quite a visionary.

  2. Excellent blog...I wonder why Disney didn't put these around the Mouse House? Kat.