Friday, August 26, 2011

Flight: 100 Years of Aviation

Next weekend the Annual Cleveland Air Show will be soaring in the skies again, and since I'm in an aviation mood because of's an excellent book to review....Flight : 100 Years of Aviation. Oh gosh, this is indeed a fabulous book! ( I have a weakness for loving finely printed books ) Dorling Kindersely teamed up with Smithsonian Institute to make this coffee table style compendium of the history of aviation, and they certainly did out-do themselves on covering this large topic. Over 450 pages of photographs of airplanes, aviation pioneers, and the engines behind these metal birds, are discussed in detail. Fascinating little sidebars also offer tidbit information about inventions, famous air races, technology, Hitler's rocket program, the Cold War space race and lots and lots more. If you can find this book at your library, take a look see!  Here's a peak at the inside....

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