Sunday, August 7, 2011

F11F Tiger.... Ready to Roar

Did I say that I didn't have a plastic model to assemble? Well, that no longer is the case!... My father brought home a F11F Tiger jet fighter this very morning for me to glue and stick together, and boy is it a beauty! The F11F was one of the first Navy fighters to fly at super sonic speeds and it was used for many years as the fighter jet of the Blue Angels.

The Tiger debuted in 1954 and could carry 8 sidewinders and fly up to speeds of 750 mph, so it was a vast improvement over the previous jets the Navy/Air Force were using. Since today is such a lovely day, I'll start spray painting the model tonight. And by the end of this week, this little dynamite model will be ready to blast off! ( Just in time for the upcoming Air Show too )

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  1. Its so cool that you and your dad put a model together. Sounds like a great way to hang out with family. :)