Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silverbanks Pictures is Launched!

Weeee!! It's finally here! It's finally started! 

"What's finally started?" says you. 
" Silverbanks Pictures!" says I. 

Okay, let me start from the beginning. Way way back in March, my sister and I decided to finally...ahem...work - and wanting to start a business that we would enjoy doing and as well as one that would give us the opportunity ( and I must say, the pleasure ) of staying home, we hit upon the idea of being movie photo dealers. 
One of the many original stills we'll be selling in the near future.
We purchased several hundred stills and 8x10 reproductions, and now after 3 long months  we've finally launched our "official" website....


Here's a peek-a-boo at the site : 

It's not really looking the way we want it to just yet, and we haven't posted many stills in our store ( okay, we haven't posted ANY yet ) but we're happy for now. Check out our eBay store HERE to see more of our merchandise. It's really more of a blog than a e-commerce store, and hopefully it will remain that way. Later on, we'll be adding more whistles and bells and downloadable freebies. I just couldn't wait to get the word "out there"..floating about in cyberspace, so I'm doing my barking bit early. 

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