Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome Aboard

Ahoy my dear non-existent readers!

Thankee, thankee for visiting me humble seafaring quarters. If you have time, take a seat, make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. Loosen your tongue too, and perhaps we can learn something of each other. Ye know more than ye thinks. I'd offer you a cup of tea ( or something stronger ) but unfortunately my arms are to short to reach you.

We'll be hoisting the sails and upping anchor soon and this little schooner will be travelling to some mighty far places. Far beyond the Land of Tea. There's a vast world of adventure out there, matey. This here logbook ( ahem, blogbook ) will be a record of the wonderfully fabulous faraway places we'll see...quite unlike Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri. We'll visit the Seven Seas of Inconsequential Knowledge and the Isles of Philosophy where the waves of wisdom wash ashore, trek through the Great Northern Jungles, and journey into the Land of Literature. We'll study the language of the ten thousand peoples, hear the sounds that Time forgot, taste the cuisine of the realms across the sea, fathom the depths of the Ocean of Triviality, and marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature. And best of all....we'll watch alot of movies while we're doing this!

A grand voyage it'll be landlubber...So close your suitcase, open your mind, bring along some humor ( and a box of crackerjacks while you're at it ) and come join this Buccaneer. But fair warning : there's an absent-minded Birdie aboard this vessell too, and she loves to warble! Arrgggh....


  1. Finally ! A great blog spot to land upon and boy are my arms tired. Kaboom...old joke. Won't be offended if deleted.

  2. A fun blog! As writing was meant to be, fun!