Friday, November 25, 2011

The 1912 Hudson Touring Car

The latest car featured in our Motoring Series is the beeeeautiful Hudson touring car made in 1912. I love this motorcar especially because it reminds me of that wonderful Antique Freeway miniature car ride at Cedar Point. Although, those were little Cadillacs and oddly enough looked nothing like this.

The Antique Cars of Cedar Point Amusement Park
Hudson was a popular Detroit based motor car company which operated from 1909 to 1954, at which time it was merged with Nash to form American Motors ( a wonderful car company if I say so myself ). The name Hudson came from Joseph L. Hudson, founder of Hudson's department store who gave the neccesary capital to eight Detroit businessmen to create The Hudson Motorworks, a company which would produce automobiles UNDER $1,000 to sell to the mass market.

Hudson sold 4,000 of the 4,508 units they made of their very first car, The Hudson Twenty in their first year of business. Their sales increased the next year and in 1912 they released this beautiful touring car, which had a list price of $1,600. Quite affordable for a touring car of that time. It could carry 5 passengers and had 25.6 horsepowers. It came in some spiffy looking color schemes too.

Hudson was always ahead of their time and came up with a number of firsts in the auto industry too, such as a dashboard oil pressure guage, generator warning lights, and duel brakes. We'll cover more Hudsons in the near future because there are alot of them worthy of mention.


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